Realm Media Networks is a collaboration of websites dedicated to providing online communities with quality in-house developed content, unique and accurate strategy guides, and the latest news and information on the electronic entertainment industry.

We understand the reality that it is extremely difficult for enthusiast-based sites to stand out amongst the mega-sized video game journalism sites. Our network focuses primarily on creating unique original content that truly sets ourselves apart from the horde of cookie cutter valueless fan-created websites. Our mission is to create a network of high-quality enthusiast websites with the grand design of covering a broad majority of the video game industry through unique additions to the network. By leveraging the combined readership and community reputations of the entire Realm Media Networks organization, each member site has a stronger ability to command the attention of media relations departments of even the largest of game makers than it would operating independently.

We plan on reaching our goals through designing and implementing several technological breakthroughs in our content management system (CMS) that will save time on designing and development across the entire network, allowing each site to focus more of their time on creating world-class content, like in-depth graphical strategy guides and robust game information databases. Flexibility in content management is key in the online publishing arena; therefore, our CMS tools have been designed to be extensible and robust to handle any genre of video game.

To learn more about Realm Media Networks, please feel free to contact us.